1. The Gaspar Cup season ends immediately after the November Gaspar Invitational.
  2. The top 10 ranked players (and ties) will make the Gaspar Cup Playoffs.
  3. Every Gaspar Invitational winner automatically qualifies for that season's Gaspar Cup Playoffs as long as they have played in a minimum of 6 Gaspar Invitationals that season.
  4. The Gaspar Cup Playoff seedings will be randomly drawn starting in 2021.
  5. If we have more than 16 players qualify for the Gaspar Cup Playoffs, we will have byes in the 1st Round.
  6. We will continue to use a Match Play format for the Gaspar Cup Playoffs.
  7. Because our season now ends after the November event, we will have plenty of time to finish the Gaspar Cup Playoffs before the 1st of the new year.
  8. Both players should agree where to play their match.
  9. All men's matches will be from a minimum of 6000 yards, and a maximum of 6300 yards, UNLESS both players wish to play from tees that would exceed 6300 yards.  For example, 2 low handicap players may elect to play from 6800 yards if they wish.  
  10. All women continue to play from the ladies' tees.

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