Online Payments for Golf & Games

If you cancel up to 48 hours before an event, you'll receive a full refund.  Cancellation must be done by text to Tres Fenton to be removed from the list of players.  Depending on the course, canceling between 24-48 hours of an event may result in a refund of half your payment or a voucher for golf.  No refunds are given inside 24 hours due to us having to guarantee a certain number of players to receive a shotgun start.  Some courses may issue a credit for a round of golf, but it is not guaranteed due to courses having different rules.

We negotiate the best price possible with all the courses on which we play our events.  Remember, we are getting a shotgun start on a weekend for a group that is smaller than most scramble tournaments.  We are also trying to play on better courses whenever possible.  All these things mean that we will pay more than we might if playing some of the less expensive public courses in the area.  We do not keep ANY of the fees we charge for golf.  We use some of the money you pay to purchase prizes for our drawing after the tournament.  No one is making any money from Gaspar Golf, and we are doing our very best to negotiate fair prices at better courses.  We encourage everyone to play every month's Gaspar Invitational.  However, we realize that some players may want to only play a few events a year.  If you feel that a particular month is too expensive, simply skip that month, and we'll hopefully see you the next month!

For Gaspar Invitationals, you MUST pay for golf and your games by Venmo or Zelle.  The $1 Sink the Putt Contest is cash at the time of the contest, reserved for members only.


New players and guests become members after they have played a total of 2 EVENTS

  1. Golf & Prize Drawing - Members entry fee covers golf, range balls and the main prize drawing.  Guest entry fee covers golf, range balls and the guests/new players prize drawing.
  2. Points Game - If you have played 2 Gaspar Invitationals, and have an official Points Quota, your members entry fee enters you into the Points Game.
  3. Closest to the Pins - Members are automatically entered into the CTPs.  New players who have NOT played 2 Gaspar Invitationals, your guest entry fee allows you to compete in all of the par 3 Closest to the Pin contests.
  4. Skins Game - Everyone plays in the Skins Game, regardless of how many times you've played in a Gaspar event.  Skins are divided into 2 flights, the A flight and the B flight.  We will divide the flights by Points Quotas.  Players with top half of Quotas will play in the A flight.  Players with Quotas in the lower half will play in the B flight.  This allows golfers to compete against their own approximate abilities.  Seeding is on a sliding basis in order to get as many players in each of the 2 Flights.
  5. Sink the Putt ($1) - ONLY Gaspar Golf members with official Points Quotas can play.  Bring $1 to the putting green to get 1 difficult putt at the ever-expanding pot.



@GasparGolf on Venmo

813-476-1960 on Zelle

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