Gaspar Golf came about when two members of another local golf group decided it was time to take the next step, and grow their own golf group to epic proportions, similar to a flotilla of pirate ships invading a lazy seaside town, ready to pillage and plunder.  We won't be stopped.  Can't be stopped.  You're either with us, or it's time for you to walk the plank, matey!

We currently have around 20-25 players who get together in pairs and foursomes on the weekends and some weekdays.  But once a month, this motley group of buccanneers meets at a Tampa Bay Area golf course to play our monthly tournament, the Gaspar Invitational.  Everyone is assigned a Points Quota, and we play a Points Game based on all the players' quotas, awarding a little bit of cash and one very highly coveted Pirate trophy to the Champion!

Not to leave anyone out, someone had the bright idea to award a trophy to the worst golfer of the month, and we named this golfer the Wench.  The Wench is equally as coveted, and the winner usually totes it around all month, creating envy among every golfer he or she encounters.

When Daylight Savings Time hits, some of us Gaspar Golfers play in a Monday Night Golf League at Rocky Point Golf Course in Tampa.  Tee time is 5:15, and all the players from our golf group play together, shunning non-Gaspars like they have the plague.  Who wouldn't want to be one of us?

Starting in 2020, we will also organize our first annual Gaspar Golf Weekend, where we'll play several rounds of golf and stay somewhere outside of our beautiful area.  There may or may not be some adult beverages consumed at this event, so get your livers ready for the debouchery.

We're looking for some new blood, and all golf handicaps are welcome.  Most in our group shoot in the mid-80's to low 100's (Yeah, there's some good golf going on here!), but we do have some ringers and better players sprinkled into the mix.  Girls are HIGHLY welcome, so bring your wives, girlfriends and skallywags to see if they can stand being around such a well behaved group of pirates.

Send us an email by using the contact form on our website, and join our Facebook page to see where some of us are playing this weekend!  We'd love to have you!

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