2022-2023 Gaspar Cup Playoffs

2022-2023 Gaspar Cup Playoffs Rules

  1. Players who wish to become Gaspar Golf Pirate Club members will pay the annual $75 fee.
  2. Only Pirate Club members can make the Gaspar Cup Playoffs.
  3. You can qualify for the Playoffs by finishing in the top 16 (and ties) in Gaspar Cup points rankings.
  4. Gaspar Golf Pirate Club annual membership fees are due by April 7. 2023.
  5. You must also play in at least half the events for the 2022-2023 Season, which is 6 if we have no rainouts.
  6. These annual membership fees go to the Gaspar Cup Playoffs prize purse.
  7. Playoffs will be a 2-day tournament played as stroke play, and using each player's Points Quota, and will be held in October 2023.
  8. Points Quotas are frozen after the September event.
  9. Qualifying players MUST play both rounds or will withdraw from the event.
  10. Tournament will be a cumulative Points event.  Your combined result against your Points Quota will be your tournament score.
  11. Men play from 6000-6300 yards.  Ladies play from 5000-5300 yards.
  12. All standard Gaspar Invitational rules will apply.
  13. In the case of a tie at the end of play on Sunday, the players tied for 1st place will go back to the 18th tee, and play that hole.  If there are players still tied, we will continue to the 1st hole, and play until there is one player who has won the hole.  We use the players' Quotas to determine a net score on the hole(s).
  14. If there are 2 players tied for 1st place at the end of regulation, the loser in sudden death will take 2nd place.  If there are 3 players tied at the top, the 2 losers in sudden death will tie for 2nd place, and split the prize money for 2nd and 3rd.  If there are 4 players tied at the top, the 3 losers in sudden death will tie for 2nd place, and split the prize money for 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

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