The Gaspar Invitational is based on a points system similar to a Stableford game.  The winner of the Pirate trophy every month is the player who had the highest total of points in relation to his or her assigned Points Quota.  For example, a middle handicap player might be assigned a quota of 18, and if his or her points in any given month added up to 22, his or her total would be a +4.  If that number was the highest value relative to their points quota, that player would win the Gaspar Invitational for that month.

Conversely, the Wench is based on the same points system, but is the player with the highest total of points BELOW his or her assigned points quota, or lowest ABOVE their quota.  For example, if every player in the field exceeded their assigned quota, but only one player finished +1, they would win the Wench trophy, awarded to the worst golfer of the month.

Points Quotas fluctuate every month based on how each player performed the month prior.  If you exceed your current Points Quota, your new Quota goes up by HALF the number by which you exceeded.  For example, if your Quota was a 15, and you scored 19 points, you exceeded your Quota by 4 points.  You will go up by HALF, which would be 2, so your NEW Points Quota would be 17 for the next Invitational you play.  We round up, so if you exceed by 3, you go up 2 points.  If you exceed by 5, you go up by 3 points, and so forth.

Conversely, if you fail to meet your Quota, you go down by 1 point.  If you hit your Quota exacly, you remain the same.

Gaspar Invitational Scoring

Hole in One 10
Double Eagle 8
Eagle 5
Birdie 3
Par 2
Bogey 1
Double Bogey 0.5
Triple Bogey 0


  1. Scoring is stroke play.  Please mark your scorecard with the total number of strokes it took for you to play each hole.  We need 2 scorecards from each group.  One from each cart.  It's easy to miss the number of strokes it took to play a hole, so ask your cart mate to help you, and then both carts mark scores for all four players in the group.
  2. IMPORTANT:  You must write down the total number of strokes for each hole for each player.  Not -1, 0 or +1, etc..  Let us figure that out.  Do not write any additional numbers or dots on the scorecard where you are writing the scores.  Do it on another scorecard or at the bottom of your scorecard.  Each hole should have ONE number written for each player for each hole in very legible writing.  It takes us a long time to tabulate all the scores because we have to study these cards to figure out what players shot.  PLEASE help us make the scoring easier!
  3. We convert your scores into points, based on modified Stableford rules.  See the scoring values above.
  4. Your points for a Gaspar Invitational tournament is compared to your assigned Points Quota prior to the tournament.  The player with the highest total of points relative to his or her Points Quota is declared the winner.  This number could be a plus (+) or a minus (-) depending on how hard the course was, the conditions, etc.
  5. On the first hole only, you may play 2 tee shots, and choose the one you prefer from the two balls you struck.  If you hit both balls out of bounds, you must play a another tee shot, remembering that there is a maximum score for every hole.  Please always have at least 2 balls with you.  One that you are playing, and one in your pocket in case you cannot find your ball.  Please mark your balls with something you and your group can identify, and it's always good to show them your player mark on the first hole.  There are no additional mulligans or breakfast balls after the first hole tee shot.
  6. We play LIFT, CLEAN AND PLACE everywhere on the course except inside a hazard.  This means you can mark and line up putts even on the fringe.  Just please do it quickly.
  7. The maximum score on any hole is a triple bogey.  If you have not holed out after being 3 over par on a hole, pick your ball up.  If you choose to pick your ball up anywhere on any hole, your score on that hole is a triple bogey, so please mark your card accordingly.
  8. Putts cannot be picked up by the player unless the ball is within a few inches of the hole.  You should wait to be given your putt by your playing partners (at least 2 others in your group should agree), and the putt may only be conceded if it is within an absolute maximum of 24" to the closest edge of the hole.  We want play to be fast, so we encourage conceding putts.  Just not 3-4-5' putts.  Please be fair to everyone.  Remember, your group concedes the putts to you.  You do not pick up your putt until it's conceded unless it's sitting on the edge of the hole.  When on the green, everyone go to their ball, and start lining up their putt.  Remember, you can now leave the flag in the hole when you putt.  Try to clear the green as soon as you can so the next group can hit their approach shots.
  9. PLEASE, we beg of you, try to play by the rules of golf.  If you do not understand how to play after hitting your ball out of bounds or into a hazard, please refer to more details on the Gaspar Challenge page, or ask us.  The biggest thing is, you cannot improve your position in relation to the hole when hitting into a hazard, and that includes where you take your drop.  Your drop is taken within 2 club lengths of where your ball last crossed from land to the hazard, no closer to the hole.  One of the biggest misunderstandings is when you hit your ball well into the woods.  You do not drop laterally from where you think your ball ended up or where you found it.  You drop where it entered the hazard.  If you have any questions, please ask Tres Fenton, Frank Perez or Mike Caporale.  We know you are not cheating if you mess up on these rules.  It's simply a lack of understanding them.  We get that, and we just want to make it fair to everyone since we are playing for money.  Same with out of bounds.  If you think or know you hit your ball OB, you must play another ball from where you just hit, not where it went out of bounds.  The penalty is stroke and distance.  Optionally, we will allow you to choose to take a 2-shot penalty and drop within 2 club lengths of where your ball entered the out of bounds area.  This does not mean dropping in the fairway.
  10. We do not want you playing your ball on or directly around roots.  Move your ball as close as you can from the original position, no closer to the hole, to a safe area to hit the ball.  We do not want your ball or club to contact any roots whatsoever.  Do not move your ball away from a tree where you now have a clear shot at the green, however.  A ball resting next to a tree means you must play the ball out sideways.
  11. As soon as you finish your last hole, please bring in your 2 scorecards into the clubhouse, and turn them in to us so we can post the scores.  Don't play any extra holes.  We want to get the scoring done, announce the winners, hand out the trophies and cash, and then have some refreshments.
  12. We pay 1st and 2nd place.  The first place winner will receive approximately double what the second place finisher receives, and will be awarded the Jose Gaspar trophy until the next Gaspar Invitational.  Last month's winner MUST either play in the next month's Gaspar Invitational or deliver the trophy to Tres or Frank before the tournament.  The last place finisher also receives a trophy called the Wench.
  13. We will try to play at better courses during the summer months when prices are lower.  We'd love to hear from you about where you'd like to see a future Gaspar Invitational.
  14. You may play Gaspar Challenges inside your group during a Gaspar Invitational, but remember that the Invitational scoring takes priority.  Everyone must finish the hole up to a triple bogey.
  15. Please try to be a good ambassador for Gaspar Golf.  Treat the courses and their employees well, and promote Gaspar Golf to others you meet!

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