Manny Villar Rides Eagle & Birdie to 1st Gaspar Win!

Aug 14, 2022 ·   Gaspar Invitational


On the strength of a birdie and an eagle, Manuel Villar flew on pirate wings as he shot an 88 to win the 2022 Summer Slam at Countryside Country Club.  The day was beautiful, and not as steamy as it has been of late, and the course conditions at the private course in Clearwater were great.  The greens on Bayhead appeared to have been recently verti-cut, and the greens on Lake were equally slow, but they all rolled pretty evenly.  The players even had their own room in the dining area to complete the prize drawing.

Manny's 88 ended up putting him 5.5 points over his Quota of 19, giving him a 1-1/2 point margin of victory over the next 2 players, who both tied at +4.  Manny receives $298 for the win, and another $48 for his two B-Flight Skins, for a total pirate haul of $346, and the title of Jose Gaspar for August 2022.

We had a tie between two of our more elite level players for 2nd place.  Mike Caporale shot an impressive 67, which delivered a +4 over his Quota of 37 with 41 points.  Jason Harmon fired an 81, and was also +4 over his 25 Quota, finishing with 29 points.  Due to the tie, we had to go to the scorecards to determine 2nd and 3rd places.  Because Countryside features 3 different 9 hole courses, it has handicapping for each 9.  We started on the Bayhead Course, so we use the #1 handicap there first, and then go to the Lake Course's #1 handicap hole.  After 2 holes, we were still tied.  Using the #2 handicap hole on Bayhead still resulted in a tie, but the tie was broken on the #2 handicap hole on the Lake Course, where Caporale made par to Harmon's unlikely double bogey.

2nd place paid $99 to "White Lightning," and he is the Skallywag for the month.  3rd place paid $33 to Jason Harmon.

The title of Wench for Summer Slam goes to James Howard, who had an uncharacteristically off day, shooting a 104 to finish -14 off his Quota of 26.

A Flight Skins - $23

 Arnie Rutkis

 Peter Jordan

Eric Delgado

Brandon Meyer

Jim Regula

B Flight Skins - $24

 Kyle Halkett

 Manuel Villar

Manuel Villar

Jason Brock

Bill Kilichowski

CTPs - $33

#6 Bayhead
 Tres Fenton - 23'0"

#8 Bayhead
 Kyle Halkett - 11'6"

#4 Lake
Steven Haubenstock - 4'

#8 Lake
Brandon Meyer - 4'8"




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