Bones owns Celebration for her 1st Gaspar Invitational title!

May 15, 2022 ·   Gaspar Invitational


Like Rich Strike in the Kentucky Derby, Anne "Bones" Rhodes came out of nowhere on an extremely tough track, and slew the favorites to win her first Gaspar Invitational.  Anne took down 4 other ladies and 31 men to win the Pirate Invasion at Celebration Golf Club.  Anne almost broke 100, posting a respectable 103, and was +4 points over her Quota to take home the Jose Gaspar title for May 2022.  Anne pocketed $227 for 1st place.

Second place, and the title of Skallywag, goes to tequila expert, Mike Hauch, who donated a bottle of pricy tequila to the prize drawing.  He barely missed a playoff with +3.5 points over his Quota.  Mike took home $75 for 2nd place.

Third place went to Sergio "Smerge" Delgado, who fired a 90 on a hot, sunny day.  Sergio was +3 over his Quota, and earned the title of Deckhand.  He earned $25 for 3rd place, and also had a B-Flight Skin for another $22, for a total of $47 in prize money.

Yours truly was sure he had stunk his way to the Wench trophy, after winning in April, and facing the 6 point Quota penalty.  Alas, another pirate played a tiny bit worse, and that swashbuckling golfer was the champion's husband, "Trick" Rick Rhodes.  Like all Wenches before him, you'll get nothing and like it!

A Flight Skins - $14

#5 - Joey Vitello
#12 -Rico Velez
#15 - Rico Velez
#17 - Rico Velez
#18 - Mike Caporale

B Flight Skins - $22

#2 - Zak Taylor
#6 - Clayton Quackenbush
#9 - Steven Haubenstock
#12 - Zak Taylor
#13 - Sergio Delgado

Closest to the Pins - $25

#3 - Mike Caporale
#5 - Cindy McGrath
#13 - Bob Swan
#16 - Brion Bailey




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