Fernando Fernandez laps the field, shooting 2-over, and +12 Points Quota!

May 20, 2020 ·   Gaspar Invitational


When one of the older members of Gaspar Golf beats the field in such impressive fashion, it gives the rest of us old timers who are 55+ hope that we too can put it all together in one round of golf.  Cuban American, Fernando Fernandez, had a fantastic round of golf at Westchase Golf Club, shooting a 2 over par 74, exceeding his Points Quota by a record +12.  Fernando is the Jose Gaspar for May, winning the $225 first place prize.

Second place went to none other than Debi Wagner, who shot a 99, and was +7 over her Points Quota.  She's a worthy Skallywag for May, and receives the $67 prize for runner-up.

It must also be noted that another one of our female golfers, Anne Marie Rhodes, tied for 3rd place!

The Wench.  A dubious honor for the last place finisher in a Gaspar Invitational.  You must wear it like a badge of honor, and hold your head high when you shoot a 104, and miss your Points Quota by 10.5!  Our green eyed Playboy, Frank Perez, may have had a few brewskies on the course, causing his normally fantastic golf game to go sideways.  Hey, this can happen to any of us!


#1 - Mark Underhill
#2 - Todd Broadbent
#6 - John Thompson
#7 - Fernando Fernandez
#9 - Fernando Fernandez
#11 - Mark Underhill
#12 -John Thompson
#15 - Kyle Rawlings


#3 - Kyle Rawlings
#7 - Jack Coffey
#11 - Rick Rhodes
#15 - Unknown - Jack Coffey?



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