A hole-in-one and a double eagle in one Gaspar Invitational??

May 20, 2020 ·   Gaspar Invitational


We went with a "madness" theme for the March 2020 Gaspar Invitational, changing up some tee boxes, and allowing players to throw the ball out of all bunkers.  While it was a wacky format, we did have 2 of the most memorable golf shots in the short history of Gaspar Golf.  First, star player, John Thompson, made an ace on a short par 3, for the first ever hole-in-one in Gaspar history.  Then, John Allen, another one of our top golfers, holed out on his second shot on a par 5 for an even rarer event...an albatross!  His double eagle was also a Gaspar first.

John Thompson used the 10 points he received for his ace to beat the field with a +10 Points Quota score, taking home Jose Gaspar honors.  He shot a tidy 2 under par 70.

2nd place, and Skallywag honors, went to big bomber, Sergio Delgado, who exceeded his Points Quota by 8, shooting a nice 87.

Matt Scallon missed his Quota by 8.5 points, shooting a 107, to earn the last place Wench honors for March.


#4 - John Thompson
#5 - John Thompson
#8 - John Allen (double eagle)
#13 - Ken Cabrera
#16 - John Thompson


#3 - 
#5 - 
#11 - 
#15 - 



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