Rick Pulls off Tin Cup Trick!

Jan 18, 2021 ·   Gaspar Invitational


The ever tricky Rick Rhodes pulled off his first Gaspar Invitational win with an impressive 88 on the difficult Carrollwood Country Club golf course on Sunday. With a birdie on the front 9 Cypress Course, and one on the back 9 Meadow Course, Trick Rick shot an 88, finishing an impressive +7 over his 15 Points Quota. Only 6 other golfers shot better than his score of 88. Rick jumps into the Gaspar Cup points lead with 40 Cup points, taking home the Jose Gaspar title for January 2021.  First place was worth $225.  Rick also got a B-Flight Skin, worth $45, and a Closest to the Pin, worth $25.  Not a bad day, taking home $295 for his effort!

Second place, and earning the Skallywag honors, was our American-British hybrid surfer, Jimmy Nichols. While almost taking out El Presidente and his camera with an errant shot on #4 Cypress, he straightened himself out to shoot a +5 over his Quota.  Second place paid $75.  Jimmy also nabbed a B-Flight Skin, worth another $45!

We now award Deckhand honors to our 3rd place finisher.  We had a tie at +2 between two players, and went to the first #1 handicap hole for the tiebreaker.  David Harris had a par, and Brandon Meyer had a bogey on the par 5 #7 on Cypress.  Third place received $25.  David also captured a Skin in the A-Flight, worth another $10, and Brandon won a Closest to the Pin, worth $25. 

Gaspar Golf welcomed back Frank "Flash" Guistiani from L.A., as he retired from Southwest Airlines.  Wanting to make an early statement, he fired a 103 to shoot -12 off his Quota, earning the first Wench title of 2021!

A FLIGHT SKINS - $10 each

#1 - David Harris
#2 - Fabian Zamora
#4 - Tim Heinly
#7 - John Allen
#8 - Mike Caporale
#13 - Ken Cabrera
#15 - Brandon Meyer
#16 - Arnie Rutkis
#18 - Tim Heinly

B FLIGHT SKINS - $45 each

#13 - Jimmy Nichols
#18 - Rick Rhodes


#3 Cypress - Mike Caporale
#6 Cypress - Brandon Meyer
#3 Meadow - Fabian Zamora
#7 Meadow - Rick Rhodes



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