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Feb 21, 2021 ·   Gaspar Invitational

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On a gorgeous and cool sunny day, we had 72 eager pirates who put on their finest red golf shirts if they were lovers, and black and other unapproved colors if they were losers.  Our Lovers & Losers Gaspar Invitational was a huge success, playing the very difficult and private Bayou Club.

After warming up, the day kicked off with the ever growing Sink the Putt contest.  We already had $300+ in the pot, and we had many people try to sink a long, breaking putt that tricked everyone.  A new player, teaching pro, Matt Gesner, stepped up toward the end and said he wanted to try the putt, even though he was not eligible to win the members only contest.  Sure enough, Big Cat started it out well right of the hole, and it trickled down to a few inches from the pin.  After watching everyone putt, I went at the end, and started it even further right.  It was about a 10 foot break, and my putt kept creeping toward the hole.  And kept creeping.  And then it stopped an inch away from falling in.  In a day of poor golf shots, it was my highlight for sure.

Ok, on to the Gaspar Invitational.  We had a record 51 members competing for top honors, and 21 players with 1 or zero events under their belts.  The Bayou Club is no easy track.  While there are some short par 4 holes, they are not easy off the tee.  There are also a few 400+ yard par 4s that make it hard for most of us to reach in 2 shots.  After the dust had settled, we had 2 very deserving players tied at the top.  Previous winner, Arnie "Nature Boy" Rutkis, and David Harris both topped the field with a +4.5 total over their Points Quotas.  David shot a tidy 78, and Arnie shot a very respectable 82.  I was forced to go to the cards to award the top honor, the title of Jose Gaspar for the 2021 Lovers & Losers tournament.  On hole #4, the #1 handicap hole on the golf course for men and women, Arnie made bogey.  David Harris sealed the win with a BIRDIE on the hole, earning well deserved 1st Place honors.  David took home $368 in 1st prize money as our February 2021 Jose Gaspar.  He also earned $38 for a birdie on hole #4 in the A Flight.

2nd place and Skallywag honors goes to the man who tied at the top, Arnie Rutkis.  2nd place was worth $122.

3rd place was another tie, with 3 players at +3.5 over their Points Quotas.  Playing in the same group, Debra Wagner and Bill Capito, who have been with Gaspar Golf since the very beginning, tied.  We also had one of our top players, John Allen, shoot a 73 to tie Debra and Bill.  Off to the scorecards I went again.  On the top handicap hole, John and Bill both made bogey, and Debra was cut with a double bogey.  I had to go to the 2nd hardest hole, #10, where John made par to Bill's bogey.  So, the Deckhand title, and 3rd place honors go to John "McAfee" Allen, earning him $41.

Our last place pirate, surprisingly, went to Brian Bartley.  We have had some notable winners of the Wench title, but this is a big surprise to Gaspar Golf!

A Flight Skins - $38

Hole 3 - Brion Bailey
Hole 4 - David Harris
Hole 10 - Matt Gesner
Hole 13 - Tres Fenton
Hole 15 - Eric Delgado

B Flight Skins - $56

Hole 3 - Justin Perez
Hole 8 - Sergio Delgado
Hole 17 - Troy Jackson

Closest to the Pins - $41

Hole 3 - Vinny Lally
Hole 5 - Ken Cabrera
Hole 15 - Joey Vitello
Hole 16 - Mark Underhill

Next month, on Saturday, March 13, we will be right back to the club next door, Bardmoor, for our March Madness tournament!  Sign ups will start this coming week!

Thank you to everyone who helps me put on these monthly events.  While my golf always seems to suffer at my events, it's a total labor of love.  Thanks to all our players, young and old, new and veterans.  Let's keep the momentum up the entire year, and get 72 players at every event!

"El Presedente" Tres Fenton
Gaspar Golf Founder



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