3 Times the Bridesmaid, Finally the Stunning Bride!

Feb 21, 2022 ·   Gaspar Invitational

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Adam "Babe" Larson is proof that 3 times is NOT the charm! He's finished as the runner-up Skallywag last month, his 3rd time holding the 2nd place position. He's been El Presidente's tournament pick several times, but just never got all the way to the finish line. If you've played with Adam, he hits some of the most epic 3-woods and long irons this side of the long drive championships. Just like the original "Babe," whose home runs at old Yankee Stadium are part of legend, our "Babe" cranks out 280-300 yard 3-woods like it's nuthin'!

Adam shot a staggering 79 on a chilly, very windy day, and made 30 points, a +10 over his far-too-low Points Quota of 20. Even now, going up to a 22, Adam has all the tools to get 30 points every tournament he plays. First place, and the title of Jose Gaspar, was worth $315. He nailed down 2 B-Flight Skins also, adding $36 more dollars to his big payday total of $351.

2nd place, and Skallywag honors, goes to Mike Pafias, who needs an official Gaspar Golf nickname. The Beard? Paffy? He shot an impressive 83, making 26.5 points, exceeding his Quota of 21 by +5.5. 2nd place paid $105, and Mike also grabbed an A-Flight Skin to win another $24, plus a CTP for $35, for a total of $164. I guess the new Titleist T100 irons were worth every penny!

3rd place, and Deckhand for the month of February, goes to Chris "L. Ron" Jones, whose game was so improved since last time I played with him that I asked him where he's taking lessons! With a hitting bay inside his house, and lots of golf improvement YouTube videos, Chris's Quota will surely reach 20 soon. 3rd place paid Chris half of his entry fee at $35.

Our February Wench, Arthurley Sorhaindo, supposedly almost made 9 birdies yesterday, and was bombing his drives out to Caporale distances, yet he shot 95, missing his 28 Quota by -9.5, finishing with 18.5 points. He was tied by Brandon Eichler at -9.5, but Arthurley won the dishonors in a card match playoff.

A Flight Skins - $24

#1 - Mike Pafias
#2 - Mike Caporale
#6 - Mike Caporale
#9 - David Harris
#11 - Jay Klee

B Flight Skins - $18

#5 - Zak Taylor
#6 - Cody Lillard
#9 - Adam Larson
#14 - Steve Bahorski
#16 - Adam Larson
#17 - Billy Baldwin
#18 - Billy Baldwin

Closest to the Pins - $35

#3 - (Bionic Gloves CTP) - Ken Cabrera - 11'1"
#5 - Luis Barrios - 14'
#11 - Mike Pafias - 9'3"
#13 - Mike Hauch - 23'11"



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