A 2nd Straight Tiebreaker to Determine our Champion

Mar 14, 2021 ·   Gaspar Invitational

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March Madness lived up to its name, with yet another tiebreaker at the top between 2 very deserving players who were +7 over their Points Quotas.  Our one and only Vice Pirate, Anne Marie Rhodes, shot a great round of 100 and finished at +7 over her Points Quota of 7 with 14 points.  Zak Taylor, one of our military players and friend of Willy Medina, also came in with an impressive +7.  He shot 89, and bested his Points Quota of 15 with 22 points.  Zak's birdie on #11 helped him reach the +7 number.

Going to the scorecards, we had the #1 handicap hole different for men and women.  For the men, it was #4, and for women it was #6.  Because we had a man and woman player tied at the top, I went to the #2 handicap hole to determine the tiebreaker.  Zak made bogey on #15, and Anne made a double bogey, breaking the tie.

As the Gaspar Invitational XX Champion, Zak is our Jose Gaspar for the month, and took home $302 for 1st place.  He also picked up a Skin for another $32, and a Closest to the Pin for $33, for a total of $367.

As our Skallywag for the March Madness event, Anne Marie earns $100 in prize money.

Sergio Delgado also had a great round, finishing at +6.5, just a half point behind the two tied at the top.  Sergio shot 87, besting his Points Quota of 18 with 24.5 points.  He earns the honor of Deck Hand, and makes $33 for his 3rd place finish.

The fall from grace was mighty for this month's Wench title.  The same player who was our Champion last month, David Harris, shot a 90, missing his Points Quota of 28 by -6.5, finishing with 21.5 points.

A Flight Skins - $18

Hole 1 - Tres Fenton
Hole 3 - Wayne Brockman, Jr.
Hole 4 - Peter Jordan
Hole 7 - Brandon Meyer
Hole 12 - Arnie Rutkus
Hole 13 - Tres Fenton
Hole 14 - Mike Caporale
Hole 16 - Sergio Delgado

B Flight Skins - $32

Hole 5 - Randy Wagner
Hole 7 - Mark Blandford
Hole 11 - Zak Taylor
Hole 13 - Tom Long

Closest to the Pins - $33

Hole 3 - Wayne Brockman, Sr.
Hole 5 - Tom Long
Hole 11 - Zak Taylor
Hole 13 - Joey Vitello



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