Another newer player wows the field at World Woods with a career round!

May 09, 2021 ·   Gaspar Invitational

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Lefty Jans Tamayo, after shooting in the mid-90s in his previous 3 Gaspar Invitationals, decided to turn it on at World Woods, shooting a very impressive 80 on a gorgeous day on the Pine Barrens course.  With only 1 birdie, Jans was 8.5 points over his Quota of 19, besting 2 other players who finished tied at +8.  Tamayo just came back from a golf trip to Arizona, and must have fine tuned his game just in time for the Battle at Pine Barrens, as he took home the Jose Gaspar honors in only his 4th Gaspar Golf event!  Not only did he earn $392 for the big win, but he also picked up $28 for a B Flight Skin, for a total of $420!

We had a tie for 2nd, with 2 players hitting +8 over their Points Quotas.  We go to the hardest hole on the scorecard by handicap, and were able to break the tie on the first hole.

2nd place and Skallywag honors goes to Jason Brock, who was +8 over his Quota of 20, while shooting a great round of 81.  Jason brought his son out to play in the event, so he showed up well!  Jason almost paid for his family's entry fees with his 2nd place purse of $130!

Tied with Jason Brock was our in-house beer master, Steve Bahorski, who had an equally impressive day on Pine Barrens with a +8 over his Quota of 15 while shooting an 87.  Steve earned Deckhand honors for 3rd place after making bogey to Brock's par on the #1 handicap hole at Pine Barrens.  3rd place was worth $44, and Bahorski also picked up a B Flight Skin for another $28, taking home $72!

Matt Scallon earned the dubious honor of the Wench for last place in the Points Game, shooting 110 to be -9 from his Points Quota of 17.

A Flight Skins - $42

Hole 8 - Danny Valentin
Hole 10 - Mario Faria
Hole 12 - Tim Heinly
Hole 16 - Jon Koren

B Flight Skins - $28

Hole 1 - Steven Haubenstock
Hole 3 - Steve Bahorski
Hole 5 - Bryan McDewell
Hole 10 - Jans Tamayo
Hole 12 - Wayne Brockman Sr.
Hole 14 - Todd Broadbent

Closest to the Pins - $43

Hole 3 - Danny Valentin
Hole 7 - Rick Rhodes
Hole 10 - Shane Davies
Hole 16 - Ric Yambura





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