Oh, yes, it's Ladies' Night; Oh, what a night!

Jun 22, 2021 ·   Gaspar Invitational

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The ladies rocked the course in Brooksville!  Which one came out on top?  Well, that would be the one and only Amy "Strawberry" Fields forever!  What a fantastic round of golf by Amy, on one of her favorite courses nonetheless.  She shot an 84, and was 10.5 points over her Quota!  That may be our second best showing ever.  Amy's Quota coming in was 16, and she achieved a mind-boggling 26.5 points!  Amy took home $295 for first place, and earns the title of Jose, or Josephine Gaspar for the month!

Before I get to 2nd, 3rd and dead ass last place, I wanted to mention the rest of our fantastic lady golfers.  Cindy McGrath also shot an 84, and was +5 over her Quota of 20.  Anne Marie Rhodes shot a very respectable 105 to finish +2 over her Quota.  Debbie Wagner shot a 104, and was +0.5 over her Quota.  All four of our lady pirates finished OVER their Quota on a very hilly golf course with undulating greens.  Great job!

Our Skallywag, finishing in 2nd place, was the D-Train, Jeff De Trano.  D-Train shot an incredible 1 over par 73, and was +7 over his Quota of 28.  Jeff took home $98 for 2nd place, and another $22 for an A Flight Skin, for a total of $120, paying for his entire day.  Who doesn't like free golf at a gorgeous private country club like Southern Hills?

The Deckhand, finishing 3rd, was Big Country, Todd Broadbent.  As I was tallying the scores, and saw he was +6, I thought he had won his first Gaspar Invitational.  Normally, that is right there at the top.  Todd shot an impressive 84, and was +6 over his Quota of 20.  3rd place was worth $32 at Southern Hills.

If any of you watched Game of Thrones, and remember Cersei being forced to walk nude as people threw rotten fruits at her as they chanted, "Shame."  Well, that's how El Presidente felt as he played as poor a round of golf as he can remember, shooting a 96, and -8.5 points off his 25 Quota.  Let's just call it a bad back, and a much needed few weeks off from golf.  I shall wear the Wench title and display the trophy well.  Maybe I should be forced to wear a golf dress next time we play? 

A Flight Skins - $22

Hole 2 - Jack Coffey
Hole 4 - Jeff De Trano
Hole 8 - Joey Vitello
Hole 10 - Mike Caporale
Hole 14 - David Harris
Hole 17 - Jans Tamayo

B Flight Skins - $67

Hole 10 - Zak Taylor
Hole 14 - Bob Swann

Closest to the Pins - $33

Hole 3 - Mark Riley
Hole 8 - Brent Miller
Hole 13 - Quinn Bailey
Hole 17 - Mark Riley



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