Carlos Marcelino Goes Low to Win the 2024 Hawaiian Open

May 21, 2024 ·   Gaspar Invitational


We knew it was just a matter of time before Carlos "Lino Bambi" Marcelino won his first Gaspar Invitational.  He lost in a sudden death playoff to Mike Caporale in a previous tournament, and at Skyview, he faced off with the equally formiddable, Dave "Mello" Tomello, in the longest sudden death playoff in Gaspar Golf history.  It took 5 holes to determine a champion.  Each player made par on the first 5 holes of the playoff, but hole #5 was the first handicap hole.  Due to Carlos having a quota that was 2 points behind Dave, the stroke on the hole gave him a net birdie, and the 2024 Hawiian Open championship.

Skyview Golf & Country Club is one of the finest semi-private golf courses in the state, and while we had a breezy day, the cloud cover and wind made for a warm day of golf for our 44 Pirates in their finest Hawaiian attire.  We even had Tarun "TGod" Godiyal showing off his dance moves after winning the best dressed Hawaiian contest, taking home a bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Carlos fired a great round of 78, and bested his 21 quota by +9.5 with 30.5 points.  His sudden death playoff win was worth $277, and the title of Jose Gaspar for May 2024.  He also snagged a skin in the B-Flight for an additional $20 in prize money, giving him a total of $297 on the day.

Dave Tomello fired the low round of the day, not including Mike Caporale, with an incredible 76.  His quota was 2 points higher than Carlos at 23, but he finished at +9.5 after making 32.5 points.  Incredible round by our Skallywag for May 2024, as he takes home $92 for 2nd place.

3rd place goes to the bourbon lover, Eric Delgado, who earns $30 for 3rd place, along with the Deckhand title.  He also nabbed 2 birdies in the B-Flight on the back 9 to earn another $40, for a total of $70.

We had Toby Sager being forced to withdraw mid-roung after a long night before with Fabian "Fireball" Zamora, and an overheating car causing him to be late.  Due to his WD, we cannot in good concience award him the Wench title for May.  That honor shall instead go to Tarun's father-in-law, Bob Bozek, who shot 101, finishing at -6.5 off his 19 quota.

Next month is another premium tournament, as we play at the new Cabot Citrus Farms on their Karoo course.  Who does it better than Gaspar Golf?  No one!  Thanks to all our Pirates who pay their hard earned money to enjoy golf on central Florida's finest private, resort and semi-private courses each month.

A Flight Skins - $20

Mike Caporale

Rick Griffin

Mike Caporale

Sean McNamee

B Flight Skins - $20

Jacob Shipp

Michael Serrano

Nick Swan

Carlos Marcelino

Steven Haubenstock

Eric Delgado

Eric Delgado

CTPs - $30

Hole #4
Michael Serrano

Hole #7
Mike Caporale

Hole #14
Anne Rhodes

Hole #16
David Harris



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