Current money pool and how money is split up at Gaspar Invitationals

Dec 19, 2019 ·   Gaspar Golf Misc.

How the Points Game Prize Pool is Divided

We collect $15 per eligible player for the Points Game and Closest to the Pins.  Here is how we pay the winners and divide up each Gaspar Invitational money pool.

  1. We take $1 per player, and put it toward the Gaspar Cup prize pool.
  2. After the $1 is taken out, we pay out 50% to the Champion.
  3. We pay 15% to the 2nd place player.
  4. We pay a total of 20% for the group of Closest to the Pins.
  5. The remaining 15% goes into a marketing pot, which allows us to buy t-shirts, flyers, trophies, etc.

Here's how it would look for a typical Gaspar Invitational for the Points Game/CTP:

36 players x $15 each = $540
$540 - $36 for Gaspar Cup = $504
$504 x 50% to Champion = $252
$504 x 15% to 2nd place = $76
$504 x 20% to Closest to the Pins = $100
$504 x 15% marketing = $76

We currently have the following money in house:

2019 Gaspar Cup = $74
Marketing = $124
Sink the Putt rolling pot = $74
Money not awarded = $75 (this was due to not having 3 Closest to the Pins unawarded in December)

We also have money for a few players who were not there to collect:

Chad Peace - $60
Jack Famaree - $12
Fernando Fernandez - $45
Donnie Rogers - $20

The Skins Game is completely separate from the above, and is an optional $5 per player.  Anyone can play in the Skins Game, guest, first timer, anyone.  We take the entire Skins Game pot, and divide by the number of Skins won outright to come up with an amount paid out to each player.  A Skin can only be won with Birdie or better, and there can be no ties on that hole.  If 2 players or more make birdie or better on a hole, the Skin is not awarded.

Here's how it would look for a typical Gaspar Invitational for the Skins Game if 4 Skins were won:

36 players x $5 each = $180
$180 divided by 4 Skins = $45 each

We will start posting the payouts for each Gaspar Invitational in 2020.


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 Fernando Fernandez

Great job.
Dec 19, 2019   02:25pm


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