New Gaspar Golf Season begins soon!

Dec 13, 2019 ·   Gaspar Challenges

New rules coming for 2020.  Details in the next post.

With 2020 almost upon us, we are almost at the end of the 2019 Gaspar Golf season.  We still have one Semifinals match to be played in the Gaspar Cup, and then the finals will be held at Innisbrook sometime before the first 2020 tournament.  Trick Rick Rhodes and Big Country Todd Broadbent are going head to head this weekend at Fox Hollow to see who goes to the Gaspar Cup Finals.

Yes, we do concentrate most of our efforts on the Gaspar Invitationals, our once-monthly tournaments held at different golf courses around the Tampa Bay area.  However, more of our golfers should start playing Gaspar Challenges against each other!  Anyone who has played in a Gaspar Invitational is eligible to play in a Challenge, and it can be during ANY 18 hole round of golf.

  1. Schedule a round of golf with another Gaspar golfer.
  2. Challenge a Gaspar golfer in your group to a Gaspar Challenge.  You must be playing together.
  3. Wager is $5 minimum, and can be as much as you want.
  4. The Challenge is Match Play, and is handicapped based on the difference in your Points Quotas.  Subtract the lower Quota from the higher Quota, and arrive at the number of holes the higher Quota gives ONE SHOT to the lower Quota.  For example, my Quota is 22.  Frank Perez's Quota is 23.  Subtract 22 from 23 to arrive at 1.  I get 1 shot on the hardest hole as shown on the scorecard.
  5. Loser gives the winner $5 or higher, based on the agreed upon wager.
  6. Text Tres or post results on the Gaspar Golf Facebook page.
  7. Tres will update your Gaspar Cup points accordingly.
  8. Winners receive 4 GC points.  Losers receive 2 GC points.  Ties each receive 3 GC points.

At the end of each year, the players with the highest numbers of Gaspar Cup points will play in the Gaspar Cup Playoffs, with everyone playing for the Gaspar Golf Cup Championship.  We put $1 from each player in every Gaspar Invitational into the Gaspar Cup pot, and that money is paid to the Champion at the end of the year.

Your receive 1 point for every player you beat in a Gaspar Invitational, so if you win in a field of 36, you will receive 35 Gaspar Cup points.  Play more Gaspar Invitationals and more Gaspar Challenges, and you will have a great shot at making the Playoffs!

We expect the Gaspar Cup pot to be close to $500 in 2020!


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Need to update number 8 on this blog to coincide with the rules. The points are 4 to the winner, 2 to the loser and 3 for a tie
Jan 10, 2020   08:03am


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