Dave "Mellow" Tomello Wins His 2nd Gaspar Golf Tournament

Jun 11, 2023 ·   Gaspar Invitational


On a sticky and hot Saturday afternoon in Orlando, Dave "They call me mellow" Tomello won his first event since taking the 4th Gaspar tournament back in 2019, shooting a tidy 80, in route to a +6.5 finish, besting 39 other Golf Pirates.  Dave achieved a total of 29.5 points off his 23 Quota, and won the $252 1st prize money, along with the title of Jose Gaspar again after 41 events from his last win.

Second place went to none other than the "Nature Boy" himself, Arnie Rutkis, trying to win since his last title in December of 2020.  Arnie shot an impressive 79 to finish at +5.5 points over his 24 Quota.  2nd place was worth $84, and the title of Skallywag for the month.  He also nabbed a Skin in the A Flight on hole #11 for an extra $25, and a total of $109 on the day.

Third place was Jans "Gruber" Tamayo, who shot a sweet little 83, finishing +4 over his 23 Quota.  Jans took home $28 for 3rd place, and the title of Deckhand for June 2023.

Big hitter Toby "Fabio" Sager, who had an uncharacteristicly off day on the golf course, shooting an even 100 to end up -12.5 points from his 27 Quota.

We had 6 players shoot in the 70's or better yesterday, with Mike "White Lightning" Caporale shooting a 69, and brand new Pirate, Ntengwa "10" Mukosa nipping at his heals with a 1-under par 71.  Josh "Morikawa" Hickman was next with a 76, followed by Jim "5-0" Regula at 77, David Harris at 78 and Arnie "Nature Boy" Rutkis at 79.  Carolyn Card was our low Lady Pirate at 82, and after hearing she hits her driver 250-270 off the tee, it's no wonder she strikes fear in long drive contests everywhere she plays.

Next month is our 2-day team event, the Skulls vs Crossbones, this year at Streamsong!  We have 32 players, and need to replace Rick Rhodes as Team Captain of the Skulls since he will be out of town.  The draft will be in the next couple weeks as we prepare for 2 days of intense competition between bitter rival pirate factions.

Our next tournament is in August at Southern Hills Plantation, one of our nicest stops of the year.  Let's try to get our numbers up to 56 or more!

Dave Tomello became the 10th multiple tournament winner in Gaspar Golf, with the biggest time between wins at a 3 years and 8 months!  Other 2-time winners include Antonio "Big Mex" Galaviz, Frank "Former Playboy" Perez, "Trick" Rick Rhodes, David "Needs a nickname" Harris, Zak "Zorro" Taylor, Jans "Gruber" Tamayo, Tres "El Presidente" Fenton and Adam "Big Daddy" Larson.  Mike "White Lightning" Caporale is our only 3-time winner, winning in 2019, 2020 and last month in 2023.

A Flight Skins - $25

Mark Underhill

David Harris

Ntengwa Mukosa

Carolyn Card

B Flight Skins - $25

Bill Kilichowski

Jack Coffey

Eric Delgado

Joel Dyson

CTPs - $28

Hole #5
Jason Harmon

Hole #8
Eric Delgado

Hole #11
Arnie Rutkis

Hole #16
Joel Dyson



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